Here are some of the recommended tools we use everyday. Some of these are affiliate links or offer special discounts.

REI Blackbook

REI Blackbook is a super powerful CRM. They also include Websites, landing pages, a phone system, and a ton of custom Automations that you cannot do by linking services with Zapier, CallRail, and Podio. Save some money by waiving the startup fee if you follow my link.


OpenLetterMarketing is a great Direct Mail company with competitive pricing and creative marketing options. They are who we use for most of our direct mail needs. They also offer CRM and other services.

Investor Carrot

Carrot is the gold standard in Real Estate Investor websites. They have awesome support, a great platform, and their content generation is second to none. There is a reason most investors use Carrot.


InvestorHub is from the Open Letter Marketing team. It is a competitor to Batch Lead Stacker and Property List Manager, but since it is tied into OLM, it is easier to send direct mail campaigns. No uploading and downloading between sites.

Batch Lead Stacker

BatchLeadStacker helps us find recently vacant homes and absentee owners from our other lists. We can also skip trace cheaply and run SMS campaigns from inside the interface .


For many investors and internet entrepreneurs, ClickFunnels is the best option. No complicated websites, just a custom sales funnel solution for killer landing pages. Get a free trial with my link.

Agent Carrot

Are you a real estate agent with an under-performing website? Agent Carrot from the same guys that give us Investor Carrot is a great solution for a Turn Key SEO Friendly website.